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Our experienced environmental professionals will be demoing our 2-WIN dual wavelength Nephelometer at the 36th AAAR Annual Conference. This will be a meaningful opportunity to discuss our air quality monitoring solutions with prominent researchers. 

Don't miss all that Ambilabs® has to offer. Our services include providing leading ambient air monitoring instrumentation and solutions to a multitude of different applications, including state, local, and federal government agencies, tribal nations, and industrial facilities. 

The 2-WIN is able to continuously monitor dust, particulate, and visibility both indoors and outdoors even in extreme conditions. It can also help identify particulate sources. The 2-WIN has the ability to deliver this information in real time, adding the possibilities for speciation of different aerosol groups, or particle size fractions.
The Airpointer® is a compact solution for ambient air monitoring requirements. It is easy to install, cost-effective to operate, and simple to maintain. It offers a choice of analysis modules using FEM approved methods for monitoring criteria airborne pollutants (SO2, NO2/NOX, CO, O3, and PM). Specialty pollutants can also be measured (BTEX, H2S, NH3, TRS, VOCs). The unit's web browser interface allows for complete remote control, as well as easy to read graphical representation of data. 
If you're not attending the conference, but would like more information on our 2-WIN, Airpointers or other innovative ambient air pollution monitoring solutions, please contact us today to learn how we can help solve your ambient air monitoring concerns.